At Mayoke Akitas we encourage people interested in Akitas to consider fostering or adopting a rescue Akita. There are many beautiful Akitas in foster care needing a loving home. Please consider giving one of these beautiful, loving dogs a home with your family.

Below are rescues that have been either fostered here at our kennel or have permanent residence with us now. Enjoy!

There are also links to rescues that can help you find the perfect Akita for your home! 

Meet Mayoke's George and Gracie!

George and Gracie were adopted by Mayoke Akitas from Midwest Akita Rescue Society (MARS). When I saw them on the MARS website, I just knew they had to move from Chicago to Texas! What a wonderful addition to this family!

Meet Mayoke's Amarok!

Amarok was rescued from a shelter where he was on borrowed time. Thankfully, there were several wonderful ladies that had a soft spot for him in their hearts and they did all they could to get him adopted. He is heartworm positive, underweight and very down on his pasterns, but he is definitely not down on his luck now! He now lives with his new mom, Diana, and his new girlfriend and companion, Casey, a beautiful Akita girl.  It was amazing to see his whole personality come out when he discovered he was around other Akitas...they know...

Meet Raion!

Raion was a rescue from a puppy mill situation. She was taken in here at Mayoke Akitas and now makes her home with Clare, her new mom, and Buddy, her GSD friend! A beautiful coated girl!

Midwest Akita Rescue Society  Akita Rescue of Midatlantic Coast 
Akita Rescue of Western New York  Akita Rescue of Florida 
Tiki Hut Akita Rescue of California  New Mexico Akita Rescue Group 


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