An incredible addition to Mayoke Akitas!

"Uschi" is a wonderful addition to this Akita family! From the champion producing kennel, Robi Akitas, she has moved into this home and filled our hearts with love and affection. Thank you Leon for such a beautiful girl!


Uschi is major-pointed with a 5 point major at the ACA Regional Specialty in 2010 and is now singled-out, needing only one major to finish!


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Uschi wins Best of Breed in Austin over two male specials!   Thank you to Judge Pete Dawkins for Uschi's first win!

Uschi earnes Winners Bitch at the Akita Club of America Regional Specialty in Fort Worth, 2010 for  a 5 point major.  Thank you Judge Jack Ireland for recognizing this girl and Karen Newman for her presentation of Uschi.
Ch. Castiel and Uschi at Reliant World Series of Dog Shows! Cas finished his championship and Uschi earns WB, thank you judge Dana Cline! 



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